Terms and conditions


1. Members of The Platform named En Vivo Associates (EVA) are offered a series of services to establish links and communication between Members (suppliers) and Users (buyers), thus providing information on prices and services offered by Members in order to facilitate an agreement that would involve the participation of Members in the events or services according to the Users’ needs. Nevertheless, EVA does not act as a supplier, neither does it perform as an agent to Members or as representative of any User. Therefore, En Vivo Associates does not have control over the activity of any of The Platform’s User or Member, neither over the interactions amongst Users or amongst Members. EVA is not to be held responsible for the quality, accuracy or safety of the services provided by a Member, nor for the activities between Users and Members; hence, it will not offer any kind of representation, nor will it guarantee, pay, or indemnify by any means for the noncompliance of both or any of the parties.

2. You hereby acknowledge the neutrality of En Vivo Associates and accept complete responsibility over your interaction with other Users or Members of The Platform. EVA reserves the right and does not have any obligation to monitor disputes amongst Users and Members, either to mediate or arbitrate them. En Vivo Associates will not hold any responsibility for your interactions with other Users or Members, neither for your actions or inactions. You hereby declare being lawfully apt to accept these terms of use and thus declare being legal of age to participate in a binding contract or having attained parental consent for it. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, you are not allowed to use En Vivo Associates, its websites, applications or any derivate system, medium, social medium or document.

3.-We reserve the right to change these Terms of Use at any time without the need of previous notification. Such changes will be effective once they are published in The Platform’s website https://www.envivoassociates.com/terms. By continuing using the site after these changes are made public, you would be accepting the modified Terms of Use.

4.-Communications between Users and Members through the EVA website, its inbox, or other message functions – even through our “Ask for Quotation” function – may be shared and will include information about Users, Members and events; such information includes personal names, e-mail addresses, locations, events’ names and details, as well as the content of messages that would facilitate the connection between Member and User, and the exchange of offers and personalized messages.
For safety reasons, we strongly recommend not to share any information on passwords, identification numbers, payment cards or any other confidential data though this platform. We reserve the right to supervise messages between Users and Members for safety and training purposes.

5.-As a Member, the person will not have to make any additional payments in order to obtain the corresponding membership. Likewise, the contractual relation between Members and Users is the civil and legal responsibility of the interested parties; this makes them responsible for the negotiation, billing, agreement, goods’ installation, services’ provision, deadlines’ settings, norms, conditions, and/or any other requirement or requisite that may derive from such contractual relation.

6.-The Platform’s blog is administered by a third-party application; it may ask for registration in order to post a comment. We do not have access or control over the information posted on the blog. You would have to make contact with or sign in to this third-party application if you wish any information to be deleted, moved or modified. You must check the application’s privacy policy in order to learn how they handle the information you provide them.
Under no circumstances will EVA have responsibility, participation, mediation or arbitration in the event there is a dispute related to the third-party application, its administrators or any other of its users.


7. – Each User or Member is to be held responsible for the use of The platform’s public areas; therefore, The Platform does not have control over the material that is made public or available by any of them. Consequently, The Platform is not responsible for or subject to any dispute, litigations or legal procedures that may derivate from them.

8. – Members and Users are individually and uniquely responsible for the veracity of their publications. Only their counterparts should have power to evaluate them in order to verify their authenticity. EVA does not have control over publications which are not created by The Platform itself, its administrators, headquarter, subsidiaries and affiliates; consequently, we are under no obligation to monitor, evaluate, classify, watch over or qualify such material. In this respect, even if En Vivo Associates reserves the right to eliminate or edit the publications made by any Member or User, it is not bound to commit any of these actions.

9. – Users and Members accept that any action or inaction by En Vivo Associates, its directors, officers, shareholders, employees, consultants, agents or individual/group representatives which attempt to prevent, restrict, repair or regulate the content are done voluntarily and in good faith; the same applies to any action or inaction for the implementation of coercive measures against any content, conduct or possible violation of the Terms of Use. You expressly agree that neither The Platform, nor any of Our Representatives will be held responsible by yourself or any other natural or legal person for any action or inaction that attempts to prevent, restrict, repair or regulate the content; the same applies to any action or inaction for the implementation of measures against any content, conduct or possible violation of the Terms of Use.

10. – Although Our Representatives are allowed to moderate the content, conduct and compliance of our Terms of Use in The Platform at their discretion, they do not have the authority to make commitments, promises or binding declarations on behalf of En Vivo Associates to protect or watch over the interests of any natural or legal person, Member or User of the Platform. Our Representatives are not authorized to act on behalf of En Vivo Associates as representatives of any natural or legal person, Member or User of the Platform in case there is a problem or complaint, nor to make commitments, promises or declarations in which themselves or any other person would stop, treat, prevent the occurrence or repetition of any problem, content, conduct or supposed violation of the Terms of Use. Consequently, Members and Users also accept that any written or verbal representation attempt, act or agreement which aims to impede, restrict, repair or regulate the content (including but not limited to: changes on the interface, blockage, moderation, revision, elimination, completion, editing or otherwise, alteration or exclusion of any content), or to implement other coercive measures against any content, potential conduct or supposed violation of the Terms of Use undertaken by Our Representatives, acting individually or collectively (or in support of any other person who truly or allegedly acts on behalf of The Platform) on behalf of EVA (including but not limited to any of Our Representatives, or that does not act in our name, or claims to act on our behalf) will be replaced by this disposition and is not mandatory and inapplicable.

Members and Users specifically accept that En Vivo Associates, Our Representatives, and any other person who is authorized to act in our behalf will under no circumstance be held responsible as a result of any representation established by us, Our Representatives, or any other person on our name, which intends to restrict or repair any content, possible conduct or supposed violation of the Terms of Use. This paragraph will only be altered, renounced or discharged if there is a written agreement signed and dated by both our General Manager and the individual or entity granted with such alteration, renunciation or discharge.

11. User’s misconduct: Members and Users hereby accept that the following actions are not permitted when using services and applications provided by En Vivo Associates: a) Promote the positioning of any brand or services external to En Vivo Associates or any third party through The Platform’s public areas; b) screen scraping; database scraping; collection of email addresses, IP addresses, or any other personal or contact information, as well as the use of any other automatic mean to obtain users’ lists or further information from En Vivo Associates, in order to promote the migration of Users or Members to other platforms similar or different to EVA, create new applications, websites, promotional campaigns, spam, etc.


12. – People who access The Platform as Members or Users, regardless of their condition, are responsible for the payment of each and every applicable fee according to our Price and Payment Conditions described in https://www.envivoassociates.com/membership and any tax which might apply to the services offered by The Platform. Payment must be done in due course and using a valid payment method.

13. – Unless otherwise specified, professional fees are to be quoted in United States Dollars (USD). All the payments must be made electronically through the methods available in The Platform. You hereby accept that EVA may charge any due fee to your selected payment method, and you thus commit to keep your billing information updated, complete and accurate (i.e. change of billing address, credit card number or expiry date) and to notify En Vivo Associates if your payment method has been cancelled (i.e. your payment card was lost or stolen). En Vivo Associates may add new services to additional charges, add or amend professional fees and charges for existing services at any time and at their own discretion; such changes would be notified through the available appropriate means, which you may find in the previous link. Any price change or payment conditions will be valid during the billing period that immediately follows the notification of such change according to this agreement. As User or Member of The Platform, you acknowledge and accept that the compliance with the rules of such agreements is your responsibility and not that of En Vivo Associates, unless it is otherwise specified in this contract.

14. – Membership of En Vivo Associates may be cancelled at any time and by any of the involved parties; nevertheless, no return or reimbursement will be made in this case. In the event En Vivo Associates suspends or eliminates your account or this Agreement, you understand and accept that you will not receive any refund or change for any content of The Platform, unused subscription time, license or subscription to any part of The Platform, any content or data related to your account or any other pertaining issue.

15. – Members are responsible for the expenses made through the use of a membership account, whether these are made by themselves or by a third party.

16. – Members hereby commit to have the amount of United States Dollars (USD) available through their chosen payment method in order to make any payment corresponding to membership and/or any other service; En Vivo Associates will then effectively debit the corresponding charges. The failure of payment through a payment method, as well as the delay of payments which may incur the accrual of your debt will result in the increase of your total debt; EVA will be able to charge the due payments plus additional administrative charges caused by payment delay using alternative debt recovery mechanisms. The noncompliance of payment conditions, regardless of the debt’s amount in USD, may result in the deactivation of memberships without previous notice. Members are also responsible for the payment of any governmental tax, as well as taxes derived from the use of The Platform or from any services provided by The Platform, including but not limited to sales, use or current VAT according to the laws of the United States of America. In so far as En Vivo Associates is bound to charge such taxes, the applicable tax will be added to your billing.


17. – En Vivo Associates has presence in several social media and blog platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, and others; we may also incorporate some third-party social media features in our website or use third-party platforms to publish or administer The Platform or part of it. We receive some of your personal information and site-usage information through these platforms and features; our privacy terms also apply to such information. Moreover, some of the third-party social media or blog platforms used by us (such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, and others) have privacy terms of their own that allow them to compile, use and protect your information if you, for example, directly subscribe to their services.


18. – You hereby authorize En Vivo Associates to debit or credit any money through your chosen payment method. Such authorization will be valid until you cancel or modify your payment method preferences within The Platform; however, changes you make in the payment method will not affect any charges which might be present before En Vivo Associates acts reasonably. Members will be held responsible of paying all fees related to payment method processing, including payment processing and related bank fees.
En Vivo Associates reserves the right to modify this policy at their discretion, without previous notice. In this case, changes will be identified as “Last Update” and made public in this website. Some exceptions might require your previous consent. Privacy policy

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