Lauriana Eculuchi

Executive Keynote Speaker, Life Coach

Location:Toronto, Canada
Services:executive coach, marketing expert, personal coach, business attorney, empowerment speaker

Lauriana is a marketing and consultant expert, communications specialist and executive coach. She specializes


L. E. Chang

Inspirational Youth Speaker, Master Coach

Location:Seoul, Republic of Korea
Services:youth speaker, motivational speaker, Korean presenter, Asian youth, professional actress

Youth motivational speaker L. E. Chang has dedicated her young life to doing one thing: inspiring teens and young


Peter S. Staton

Keynote Speaker

Location:New York, USA
Services:keynote speaker, business coach, leadership guru

Staton is the former Director of Solution Leadership Center (SCL)

Sandra Graves Conferencistas


Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

Location:Texas, USA
Services:motivational speaker, personal development coach, author, keynote

Panamanian born, bold, passionate, spiritual and, especially, a dynamic force in the life of men and women across the world.