Sophia London - CHW - Life Coach

Sophia C. London

Certified Life Coach and CHW

Location: Texas, USA
Services: life coach, community healthcare worker, personal development

As a Community Health Worker and Certify Professional Life Coach, Sophia C. London for more than fifteen years has serviced her community. Her experience working with people of all walks of life has given her the insight needed to help her clients reach the success they are seeking to achieve. Specifically as she aids her clients in navigating the systems while ensuring that they understand that there are many options which may require time and patience but also a helping hand.

Sophia London’s bilingual skill has played a huge role in her success where she has been able to work and present at various churches, community centers, and also service in an individual bases. Her public speaking ability has put her in contact with people that have enriched her life and the community she so passionately seeks to empower. She has recently began teaching and coaching individuals seeking Naturalization service’s here in San Antonio weekly but also has set time to provide all her services each Sunday to a local church seeking to provide services to their untargeted community.

CHW London continues to purposely increase her knowledge through trainings as she purposely seeks to address the barriers and needs of her community. Talk to Sophia, she can help you!