Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

Location: Texas, USA
Services: motivational speaker, personal development coach, author, keynote

This motivational speaker and life coach is a woman who did not allow the difficulties of the past destroy her present. Sandra says: “I got tires of being a victim, it took a long time but I learned that we all have inner greatness.” Panamanian born, bold, passionate, spiritual and, especially, a dynamic force in the life of men and women across the world, Sandra is known as "La Motivadora" because of her ability to react to life in a positive manner in spite of her challenges, along with her ability to inspire others to dream. "I learned that God put me on this planet to live purposely and not to sit waiting for something to happen." After her divorce, she lived for several years as a single mother; then, she went on to earn a college degree as a visual engineer.

Today, Sandra is an entrepreneur and life coach who is blissfully happy with her husband and two children in Texas. Her goal is to continue praising God, while helping others to achieve their dreams and reach their greatness. Although she can speak to any group of people on numerous personal development topics, she found her calling helping men and women understand their greatness.