Lauriana Eculuchi

Executive Keynote Speaker, Life Coach

Location: Toronto, Canada
Services: executive coach, marketing expert, personal coach, business attorney, empowerment speaker

Lauriana is a marketing and consultant expert, communications specialist and executive coach. She specializes in creative marketing solutions for professionals and organizations. She has designed and delivered keynotes, seminars, and personal coaching programs for individuals and groups including city managers, attorneys, chamber of commerce executives, corporations and non-profit associations.

She has served in various capacities in Churches and the community. While serving as Executive Secretary in Christian Conference of Asia she initiated and WAVE PROJECT ( Women’s Accompaniment for Vision and Empowerment Project).

Lauriana is a certified seminar leader and certified in English vocabulary and as a master business writing specialist. Her customized seminars include marketing, business writing, presentation skills, customer service and related communications topics. She is available for seminars and presentations for select clients. Lauriana also offers executive coaching for professional speakers seeking advancement in personal marketing and career development.