L. E. Chang

Inspirational Youth Speaker, Master Coach

Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Services: youth speaker, motivational speaker, Korean presenter, Asian youth, professional actress
Website: http://envivoassociates.com/l-e-chang/

Youth motivational speaker L. E. Chang has dedicated her young life to doing one thing: inspiring teens and young adults through speaking at their level.

Chang is a clear and compelling youth communicator. Her talent and unique voice help stir up discussion around various issues within young adults. And her speaking is genuine—she speaks from her life, and brings her whole self to the stage. The young audience have deeply appreciated her insight, her cultural critique, and her provocative questions.

With such a young age Chang is a fantastic speaker who engages audiences with her insight, and moves them with her words. — Yunko Tonika, Sr. Director of Youth Integration International.

Chang is a passionate speaker, often challenging young adults — both with truth-telling and vulnerable story-telling — to keep our eyes and hearts wide open to the things we avoid. Those who hear and work with and enter into conversation with Chang are the benefactors of her young insight and knowledge.

"This journey began in my childhood diaries & journals, moved into newsrooms, magazines, and then to a the stages where I love sharing my stories."

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