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Are you naked?

Are you aware of what you want? Are you bold enough to be patient?
To be in a state of awareness means to have knowledge of, want to tell others or already knowing. Many times as being we get caught up in the ideal relationship seen in movies, books or tv that we often miss what the desires of our own hearts want.

Streaming relationships with self or another being based on other relationships and their comfort levels will not assist anyone with their idea of know what thy own heart wants.

How long can you wait before you dive wholeheartedly into a situation before you have analyzed every possible outcome and what effects it will have over your life?

Have you been Naked?
Naked meaning have you ever not worn the everyday mask that society says you must wear to save face. Have you been vulnerable and blatant with disregards to how you feel. How does the love translate from your mind, body, and spirit? Does your mind and previous experiences control how protected and guarded you are with you love?

Unconditional Love without a limit
When you have found Freedom in Reflecting on Every Experience you have ever had, accepted those things you can and can not change. The person is then and only then allowed to love unconditionally with a peace of self awareness. Knowing and not accepting less than will give the heart preferences over limitations.

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