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Life After Loss

Have you ever had something that you poured your heart into that didn’t work out? Perhaps a relationship, business, or life-long dream… Or maybe you lost a loved one. You tell yourself you’ve moved on but the memory of your loss still elicits pain and suffering.

Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. At least that’s what the experts tell us. Yet, when I experienced loss in my life, I found it hard to get beyond the suffering. Sure I told myself I was “fine” but as most men know, when a woman says she’s “fine” it usually means there’s something much deeper going on.

So how do you overcome loss and enjoy life, love, happiness and fulfillment again? First, acknowledge how you feel. Sweeping emotions under the carpet only makes things worse. In fact, studies indicate that identifying and acknowledging negative emotions actually reduces their intensity. Find the word that best describes how you feel.

Secondly, the loss cost you something – don’t miss the opportunity to receive your fair exchange. In other words, don’t let the experience pass by without learning the lesson. While I have learned much through success and accomplishment, my greatest points of personal growth have, by far, been during and after a painful loss. It was through those losses that I learned wisdom, discernment, forgiveness, gratitude, and the unconditional love that I could have for a person, even when they were unfaithful and hurtful.

I also learned the keys to effective leadership, how to build a successful business, along with what NOT to do in business and in dealing with people. What a blessing! These discoveries have become the backbone to my work as a business and life coach for the past 12 years.

Third, rather than continue to mourn your loss, focus on who and what is still present in your life. Who cares about you, loves you, is there to encourage you? What do you have to be grateful for?

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Gratitude is not about ignoring reality, it’s about reshaping it. If you’re reading these words, you have much to be grateful for. Eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to feel, and access to the Internet where you can connect to new friends and opportunities around the world.

Remember this – what you focus on expands. Focus on feeling hungry and you’ll be starving in no time. Focus on what you have to be grateful for and you will soon begin noticing more of the blessings surrounding you right now.

What are some other tips and practical steps to experience life after loss? Watch this video as we explore this topic in more depth…

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