Motivational Speakers Association - En Vivo Associates

asociación de conferencistas / motivational speakers

They are called inspirational, motivational, informational, business, spiritual speakers, among many other names. Having achieved success through the development of certain tools, these talented experts bring a wealth of experience delivered as speeches that intent to “Wow” and inspire different audiences.

The ultimate goal of a speaker is to bring about the reflection processes that would help their audience transform thoughts into actions, leading them to change their professional, spiritual, and/or personal lives, as well as making changes within themselves. A speaker’s experience and skills help an audience focus on opportunities, provide guidance, build a team, and have a positive outlook. Speakers also empower their audiences through persuasive speeches to inspire and motivate them.

Speakers understand how to use body language and voice projection, as well as how to pause for emphasis, time out their speech, add the kind of humor which keeps the audience engaged, and convey the intended message in the allotted time.

Please keep in mind that all our speakers are independent experts who are fully capable of setting their times and fees.