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Advertise here, it is very easy with video announcement of 30 or 60 seconds (Video size 1280 x 780 pixels).

30 seconds ad
One week: $75.00
Two weeks: $140.00
One Month: $250.00

60 seconds ad
One week: $125.00
Two weeks: $225.00
One Month: $400.00

In Spanish on Tuesdays or in English on Thursdays. These announcements will be presented once, at the beginning or minutes after the live program begins. Keep in mind that this video is permanent, so do not mention dates in your ad.

Ad creation
$200.00 for under 30 seconds
$350.00 for under 60 seconds
You can send us your recording at no additional cost, (1280×720 MP4)

Mini banner ad 1280 x 164 pixels
$25.00 for 15 seconds. This ad will be presented during the interview replacing the name banner.

Take advantage of this offer now, before it changes!




Disclaimer: If for whatever reason our YouTube page get shutdown or our video is remove, we will not be providing any refunds now or in the future.