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Unleash the power of success.

SUCCESS STRATEGIES- BY MONIKA SOLANKI IN THE CODE: Based on teachings of International author and speaker Jack Canfield.

Often we must have noticed that we have goals but cannot achieve them as per our desire. What are the ingredients for Success? What are those strategies if applied can sure shot lead to our goals in any sphere of our life like Career/Finance/Health/Relationship etc?

Today we are going to look at some of the core strategies –when applied over a consistent period of time may lead to success and transformation in any part of your life.

1. Attitude of Gratitude: It means feeling thankful or appreciating things that are already with you. Most of us are conditioned to notice the lack or what’s missing. If we feel grateful for all the things that we have now; universe will grant us more things to be thankful for. Counting your 3 blessings each morning should be incorporated in our daily schedule and watch the abundance coming over a period of time.

2. Taking 100% responsibility of your Life: Meaning if you want to be successful; the entire responsibility should be taken by you. Have you ever noticed a man/woman sitting next to you on the seat of the plane ever bothered whether you are successful or not? Taking 100% responsibility means No Blaming/no complaining/No excuse Making/No Defending. Can you pull that off?

3. Be Clear why you are here: It means clarity about your vision/your dreams/your goal/your purpose in life. Many of us are like.. “I know my purpose..but am not too sure”. If we do the things in life that we are supposed to do; abundance marches towards us.

4. Unleash the power of Goal setting: Goals –if not measured is merely a dream. We need to take time out to sit and write our goals in all areas of life like Carrer/Health/Finances/Relationships etc