Rebrand Your Mindset - Dee Burrowes, Life Coach - En Vivo Associates

Transform Your Thinking

Can a poor person become rich? Can a person without a college education get a high paying job? Is it possible for a young man to be the leader of a man four times his age?

Of course, it is possible! The unique combination of desire, planning, dedication, and perseverance will always work its magic. If you answered no to any of these questions then you should promptly learn to rearrange your thinking.

The real question is not whether the formula for success will work for you, but rather if you believe in the formula, believe that the formula will work. That is the true magic of success, you have to believe and you have to act so you can win. Ms. Dee Burrowes share with us what she have learned regarding the re branding of our mindset.

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“Hi Sandra,

I trust that you’re very well.

I am in complete gratitude for the opportunity of being in your platform. I am delighted to have being in your presence, getting a taste of your effervescent and enthusiastic personality. Your obedience to follow your passion as given many entrepreneurs like myself the chance to be seen globally.

You’re an amazing woman of God and I cannot wait to meet you. It was destined to be, even our said colors worn that night proves such. I am very receptive to work with you many more times over :).

Have an amazing weekend!

Much love and gratitude,”