Path To Young Entrepreneurship - Camilla Borges Costa - En Vivo Associates

Young Entrepreneurship

Search for your purpose:
Your purpose in your career is that thing that makes time stop and you forget about everything else. It is something you would work with even if no money was involved. A great question to start with, is: “What would I do if I had plenty of money and could dedicate my life to do what I love?”. For me, the answer is: I would create a world of more equality, meaningful lives, and positive change.

Once you find your purpose, things will start making sense in your life. Your past, present, and future will have a special connection and you will understand what is your calling in life. We all have something special to share or contribute to the world. We are all special in some way, and our individuality has the power to become impactful in other people lives through entrepreneurship.

Be prepared to be criticized:
I’m used to saying that entrepreneurship is the only possible way to me. Even though I could follow other paths, I know that I would feel as happy as I feel being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, I feel 100% connected with my purpose, every step of the journey has a reason (even the difficult ones) and I feel that I’m working on my mission. If I would die tomorrow, I would be 100% sure that for the time I’ve lived, I’ve made a difference in the lives of others. For me, this is huge.

When I talk about entrepreneurship and leadership, I always ask what it means to be an entrepreneur. Answers like “be a leader in your own journey” and “have a voice” usually emerge. This is the empowering and positive part of the equation. This is the part that we usually see on motivating speeches about entrepreneurship. “Go for it! You can do it!”. It is true. As an entrepreneur, you will feel connected to yourself and proud of your courage. Nonetheless, this is not the only side of it.

Don’t wait too much before starting:
This is a common misconception about starting an endeavor. Before you start, it is important to prepare yourself. You should research projects and ideas that have similarity to yours, you should understand the industry and also talk to people. Don’t be afraid of sharing your idea with people that can contribute with feedback and suggestions to improve it. You should also read about entrepreneurship and learn from other entrepreneurs.

After you have done all of this, don’t overthink about the idea or wait for the right moment to start. There is no right moment and your idea will never be good enough.