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Asociacion de Coach de Vida, Life Coach

Life coaching is quite similar to sports coaching; as a sports coach, who helps a team or individual optimize their own potential, a life coach is someone who helps each individual focus on their present life in order to make them move forward with defining, positive goals. Their approach consists in taking an honest look at a given situation and guiding people to make any necessary adjustments, big or small, with the purpose of leading them to achieve their goals. These goals can be personal, financial, spiritual, or transitional; perhaps only a little encouragement to reach a specific goal is needed. In any case, a life coach would be there to support you through the path that leads to your dreams.

Human beings are capable of generating their own solutions. By asking specific questions, the life coach can lead to the discovery of inner, personal aspects that will help you see things clearly and honestly. Together, the life coach and client will establish action, accountability and follow-ups that will help them find out a direction and purpose.

According to the Coaches Training Institute, each person has all the answers within themselves; it is the job of the life coach to get the answers out.

Please keep in mind that all our life coaches are independent experts and are fully capable of setting their times and fees.