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Three years ago, after several major life changes, I was awakened to three key things that define who I am: my purpose in life, what type of leader I want to be, and how I want my children to remember me. While pondering my legacy, I found my true purpose in this world– to grow leaders. With my purpose now clear I, with help from many people, started my company, Corporate GOLD, LLC. “G-O-L-D” stands for Global Organizational Leadership Development. I started to connect the dots that I not only had skills to offer others, but I also could train others to lead with the same skills. I realized an effective method to accomplishing this training. Once you acquire the tools and skills, you must live out the skills and practice utilizing the tools learned to pass them on to others. Sometimes passing it on is not always based on telling; some of it is based on doing and saying the right things. This is why the slogan for my company is “Learn it. Live it. Lead it.”

As I continued growing into my purpose, I realized that I must know who I am before I can help others know who they are as leaders. This led me to develop the “5 Steps to Leading My Legacy.” Step one is to understand who you truly are inside, not the way everyone sees you or what your past indicates. We sometimes go through life living a life for someone else instead of who we are truly meant to be. Many people can relate to having pursued a certain career because it is what their parents desired or encouraged. They may have selected a career because they were chasing money instead of chasing their passion or purpose. When you know who you are, you live your legacy through living your purpose. Watch full interview!

Watch my interview on THE CODE and you will lean the other steps in the process of “Leading Your Legacy”.

They are watching you and growing with you. I encourage you to teach your children to give, teach them to save and to accumulate wealth, teach them to seek wisdom, and lastly, teach them the word of God. That is the best legacy you can lead. Now go lead your legacy!”

Ilka V. Chavez
President, Corporate GOLD, LLC
Inspirational Speaker and Emotional Mastery coach

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