Enjoy The Grind - Emmanuel Graves in THE CODE - En Vivo Associates

THE CODE God Opened A Door

I asked God to close a door…so I could open another one. Instead, He just opened another door. I am blessed and privileged to say that I have accepted a new career opportunity, utilizing the education I worked for my entire life. I will add value in Infrastructure Engineering / Assoc. Business Analyst. I am extremely humbled and grateful.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with the ability to compliment my education with my passion for football. God willing, I will now compliment my new career with my passion for football. Growing up, my dream was to receive a scholarship, graduate from college, and become an engineering business man who focused on future technology.
God truly knows my heart. Not only has He guided me on this incredible journey, but HE placed this passion for football in my heart. I have always strived for excellence in everything that I do -and like always- I will continue to make sure that I #EnjoyTheGrind ..!

Watch Emmanuel Graves share what it means to him to “Enjoy The Grind” and while being a football player and a student.  Watch full interview!