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logo-1En Vivo Associates is your one stop for finding speakers and coaches in Spanish and/or English. Our mission is to assist those who wish to consolidate their careers as speakers or coaches, as well as helping our clients find individuals who will encourage, inspire, transform, and empower their lives or an audience (work team, students, etc.) with positive results. A wide range of services are available with the goal to help you find the right coach or speaker for you.

Our platform combines a membership system with online marketing strategies that allows En Vivo Associates to be widely advertised in the media and social networks, thus enhancing the access to customers. This will ease communication with possible clients who are looking forward to overcome problems, achieve goals, improve their work life, or motivate an audience; at the same time, the customers have a site designed to facilitate communication with the professionals that will fulfill their needs.

En Vivo Associates began as the idea of a team of speakers and coaches; it is now led by business-minded professionals who are always seeking new ways to help their members and others meet their individual goals and/or find the professional that fits on their events.

We have the support of coaches, speakers, developers, marketers, bilingual assistant, and other specialists helping us make this platform a success for YOU, as well as other speakers and coaches.

Search our site and you’ll find experts speakers and coaches who are passionate about their work and ready to support yours. As we continue to grow, more coaches, speakers and other features will be added in order to fulfill your needs and requirements.

Since our speakers and coaches are fully independent, access to our site is free of cost. Each speaker or coach determines their fees and their own hours. This platform is not designed to condition the work of speakers or coaches, or make them our employees, but to help them ensure greater visibility on the web and social media.

As a user, all you have to do is search for a speaker by topic, chose those that better suit your needs, and send a message to the ones you wish to make contact with. Yes, it is that simple!

En Vivo Associates – Services:

En Vivo Associates is an online platform designed with the goal of creating links between life coaches, speakers and users, in order to build alliances, close contracts, receive professional support and formation, and have their services and events promoted.

We work towards the endorsement of experiences related to personal and professional growth, the encouragement to achieve success, the accomplishment of goals, and every other aspect that motivates growth and happiness. Our mission is to support human development through the use of tools such as the Internet and social networks that promote the presence and visibility of life coaches and speakers, as we connect professionals offering their services with those who wish to hire them.

Speakers and life coaches may choose one of three membership plans in which they create their own work profile; they may also receive the aid of image, video and writing experts that would help them improve their image. Those who wish to hire a professional are offered an organized profile classification system and an advanced search engine that allow them to set their preferences and obtain precise information from the professionals that better suit their needs; this process only takes a few steps.

En Vivo Associates produces the weekly online TV show “The Code”, broadcast in both English and Spanish and hosted by “La Motivadora” Sandra Graves. This show is available on the YouTube channel “En Vivo Live”. Our members are interviewed once a month in a segment of this show, having the chance to reach high audiences. Moreover, all of our plans allow members to post videos showing their best qualities in order to reach a greater audience, whereas users have the chance to get to know more about these coaches and speakers.

Although there are similar services offered in the international online market, En Vivo Associates has a bilingual interface (English-Spanish) that makes it accessible to a wider range of worldwide users, together with the text and voice (video/audio) translation services.

Become a member and enjoy the advantages of being part of our platform. We respect your work, which is why we do not set your fees, nor charge commission; we do guarantee your success and that of all our members. Here are some of our main services:

-Personalized membership plans
– Marketing counseling
-Professional training
-TV Show
-Audiovisual production support
-Graphic design
-Document translation and writing
-Book editing
-Events agenda

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